Special Donation: New Metal Roof

Many Farm Baptist Church & Parsonage is in need of a new roof.  Large dust storms are very prevalent and our roof has suffered.  Many times our roof has been reshingled and within a few months the shingles are lifted off the roof by the tumultuous southern wind.

Because of this we are asking for a special donations to replace our current roof with a more substantial material–metal.  

The estimated cost is:

Church Roof         = $6,014.57

Parsonage Roof   = $2,464.17

Labor                       = $1,100.00 

Total     = $9,578.74

If you would like to donate please contact Sahvanna Benally (MFBC Trustee & Treasurer) @ (928) 274-7575.  Or visit our GoFundMe page, “MFBC: New Metal Roof.”  


If you would like to know how much is raised, click here



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