Lifelong Pastor & Volunteer Pastors Needed

POSITION: Lifelong Pastor of Many Farms Baptist Church

-Many Farms Baptist Church is in the process of searching for a lifelong Pastor.

-We are currently in the beginning of developing a “Pastor Search Committee.”

-After the “Pastor Search Committee” decides on the qualifications and qualities (1 Timothy 3:1-10) of our to be Pastor we will post those requirement and attributes here.

-We have given ourselves a year to search for our Pastor.

-At this point in time we have not decided on an “Interim Pastor” or a “Rotation of Pastors” to teach within the year we are searching.

-For the months of June & July we will be in need of Volunteer Pastors.

-We hope by the end of July we will have pastoral prospects, who will begin to teach on a monthly basis.

*Please contact Many Farms Baptist Church at (928) 274-7575 if you have an inquires.

POSITION: Volunteer Pastors


-Must be Saved (Born Again)

-Must have a firm knowledge of the Bible.

-Must follow Many Farms Baptist Church Doctrine (please refer to

Church Schedule:

10:00-10:10………………. Welcome

—morning snacks served during transition—

10:20-11:20………………. *Bible Study Classes

11:30-12:30………………. Worship & *Message

12:30…………………………. Dismissal


-Teach for 1 hour & 30 minutes on Sunday Morning

-Teach 2 different lesson:

–Bible Study (1 Hour)

–Worship Service Message (30 Minutes)


-Parsonage is available for overnight stays.

Schedule: Volunteer Pastors

Date: Sunday Name: Church:
June, 03 Pastor John Hagee Cornerstone Church
June, 10 Kevin Begay Mexican Water Baptist Church
June, 17 Pastor Greg Scott Memorial Baptist Church
June, 24 Pastor Chris Boyd Kayenta Baptist Church
July, 01 Open
July, 08 Pastor Paul Kwok First Chinese Baptist Church of Dallas
July, 15 Open
July, 22 Open
July, 29 Open

Thank you for all of your help as we search for a lifelong Pastor.

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